Like a dream come true, Agricenter S.A. was born in August 2001


Comprehensive solutions and excellence in the processes undertaken by our commercial partners.


We have expanded our borders into new markets.



Like a dream come true, Agricenter S.A. was born in August 2001 as a result of the inspiration and motivation of our General Manager, who together with his family decided to undertake the journey to consolidate a company that today, 15 years later, is still true to its essence and family-based philosophy, that is shared with its staff, suppliers and customers. As a visionary company, there are no boundaries to its growth. So far the company has direct operations in 5 countries and presence in 9 other countries.

Despite the limitations, our goal was clear from the very beginning. Our primary activity was to provide technical assistance for orange production. The efforts paid off and as a seed that lands on fertile ground, we reached our first step: gain the trust of our customers through personalized and differentiated attention.

In 2004, and in order to support farmers who began to grow the novelty crop at the time, we took on another challenge, this time with pineapple production, a non-cyclical crop, but in contrast very intensive and different. Putting our innovation to work, we implemented several systems not only providing technical assistance but also offering credit to strengthen the company’s positioning as well as to promote pineapple farming. Thus, Agricenter became a vehicle to allow many producers to be able to consolidate themselves in this activity.

Our growth did not stop and in 2011 we turned our attention to banana production, a relatively large market and crowded in some way, but with our company’s philosophy of customized attention, together with our high-quality range of products and technical assistance based on the needs of each producer, we have marked a difference and gained ground.

As we reached 2013, it came time to turn our attention to livestock assistance. First we marketed grass seed. Then we acquired a farm that was converted into a natural lab to allow us to explore animal genetics, with highly profitable dual purpose breeds in tropical-specific conditions. As a result of this process, we now have the first lot of certified cattle, at the service of the livestock sector. With this model Agricenter has moved a step forward in the search to alleviate the problems of the livestock sector due to climatic changes.

Our range of products, together with our Just-in-Time philosophy, rendering quality, excellence, research, innovation and custom development together with excellent customer service, and environmental awareness, have allowed Agricenter to grow, develop, expand and position itself as a leading company in comprehensive solutions for the production sector.


Contribute to the economic, environmental,
and social strengthening of the production sector,
promoting excellence in its processes.


Be an active participant in the search
for solutions that allow our commercial
partners to fulfill their objectives.


We have specialists of renowned experience  committed to the development of updated consultancy for agriculture.


Offer the best in quick, safe, timely and personalized attention.


Variety of products for different
needs of producers.


As a top priority, the company pursues on-going improvement on a daily basis. We have specialists of renowned experience who are responsible for performing soil quality studies, chemical analysis, offer specialized technical support, implement surveys to determine the quality of our products as well as gather feedback on customer needs.

We undertake field visits to carry out sampling and formulate chemical solutions adapted to the needs of each producer as well as verify the efficiency of product application and study the physiological and evolution process of products.

Our research and development team is constantly on the lookout for updated information throughout the world to find the latest in technology and new products that adapt to the conditions and needs of the production sector.

Customers are our reason of being and, for this reason, we maintain a permanent commitment toward developing updated advice for the farming of crops such as citrus fruit, pineapple, rice and banana.


Our technical team is ready to offer every day the best service in a timely and reliable manner and provide individualized attention to our customers.

We have a professional team with extensive knowledge including international experience at the service of our customers. Their capabilities allow us to offer excellence at the service of the production sector to be able to obtain maximum benefits.

Agricenter makes life easier for producers, offering integral solutions. Customers receive on-going support, an obligation assumed with great responsibility and complying with international standards with regard to storage, transportation, handling and application of agrochemical products.


  • Processing aids
  • Improvers
  • Fertilizers
  • Fungicides
  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides
  • Packing material
  • Growth Regulators
  • Rodenticides
  • Occupational Health


We have a select portfolio of customers which requires us to stay committed to innovation to be able to offer only the best.  Our company offers accompaniment to producers in different countries and a wide variety of products and services for different sectors. This process includes soil quality testing, analysis of plantation characteristics, climatic conditions, topography, to determine the specific needs of each producer.